Synnov Group provides Project, Program & Construction Management services for all phases of a project from planning and design to construction and close-out. Our expertise in the objective analysis of a project’s scope of work, cost, and schedule guide our clients project through successful completion. 

Cost Estimating

Cost Estimating is the predictive process used to quantify, cost and price the resources required by the scope of an investment option, activity or project. We provide comprehensive cost estimating services to help control costs from programmatic design to project completion. Our cost information is always based on current market data that accurately represents the scope, complexity and quality anticipated for each individual project.

In addition to the standard detailed cost estimates, we also provide:

  • Conceptual / master planning estimates
  • Rough order of magnitude (ROM)/ Budget Estimates
  • Feasibility study cost analysis
  • All Stages of Design Estimates (Conceptual, Schematic, Design Development, Construction Documents)
  • Life cycle costing
  • Renovation/Repair Estimates
  • Bid evaluation
  • Claims evaluation
  • Change order work (Estimates, Review, and Resolution)

Document Control

Synnov Group uses a computerized document control system to manage the design, procurement and construction activities of the project. All drawings, documents, correspondence, reports and invoices produced or received will be identified according to an established index.

Each document received will be date-stamped and logged. Some of the documents the control system will store and protect include:

  • RFI logs
  • Change Order logs
  • Document (general contract correspondence) log
  • Directive or bulletin log
  • Inspector daily diary
  • Inspection reports
  • Meeting minutes
  • Noncompliance notice log
  • Progress payment (verification)
  • Punchlist


Scheduling is the tool for monitoring and controlling projects to ensure the objective of the cost, quality and time are met and provides the baseline against which progress is measured.

We provide pre-construction, construction, and post-construction scheduling services including:

  • Design-phase, preliminary schedule development
  • Bid, Baseline, Project, Master Program and Close-Out schedules that meet the contract specifications
  • Cost-loaded schedules
  • Resource-loaded schedules
  • Schedule review and progress assessment

Risk Assessment

Synnov Group provides risk assessment to enable our clients to achieve an even greater level of confidence and to reduce the uncertainty of cost estimates and CPM schedules. We identify the clients’ risk exposure, recommend adequate contingency requirements and prepare a risk response plan.

The risk assessment effort includes a risk registry that assists clients in pursuing a risk management effort during a project’s design, construction, and operational life cycle.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is the primary means by which the most economical means and methods for construction are determined and provides a more thorough cost analysis for the major construction components on a project. Value engineering does not sacrifice the quality of construction, rather, it is an evaluation of the materials and methods of construction over their useful life.

We provide value engineering services including:

  • Evaluation of cost and constructability factors associated with the major construction components.
  • Provide information to be utilized in making critical decisions on the life-cycle cost of the project systems.